Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Tingler (1959)

Now that Cryptozoology Week is over, it is time to catch up on some of the great movies I have watched this week besides ones featuring unknown creatures. Well, some do that as well, but do not fit into the Cryptozoological realm. One such feature is William Castle’s 1959 Vincent Price Classic, The Tingler

Plot/ After years of research, a scientist discovers a caterpillar-like parasite that grows in the human spine when someone is afraid. Unless the victim screams, the parasite can grow large enough to be deadly. Soon, he names this creature the tingler.

Even after all of these years, this movie stands as one of the most interesting horror movies ever made. Yes, it is the picture of low budget B movie heaven boasting a great idea, laughable script, poor dialogue and uneven acting. However, even with Castle's signature gimmicks, the film really works. Price is in full glory, with one of his best performances (complete with an awesome acid trip).  The effects are solid and the monster itself is a classic. In the end, this film is something special and a definite Must See!

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  1. Yahoo! You know how sometimes you wonder if you saw a movie or dreamed it and you don't remember enough of the plot to describe it? This was the movie! It was driving me nuts for years to remember the name of it. Thanks!