Another Kind (2011)

Back-to-back documentaries are good for your soul! Truly, they are, as too much of society fails to follow their birthright to ask questions and demand answers. We face a lot of challenges today to items we once viewed as untouchable, with actions and arguments that are unfathomable. We must speak up to these injustices. To take a break from documentaries, I decided on Another Kind from 2011.

Plot/ A group of unprepared weekend hikers go missing while snowshoeing in the Catskill Mountains.

I had never heard of this one when I saw it Family Video and said what the heck. What I found was an interesting low budget indie flick, which valued atmosphere over action. Sure, that works to some effect, but it was not without flaws. The storyline is appealing, yet the scripting leaves giant holes in it. Yes, that can work and add some questions, but there was some unevenness within these that hinted too much to be effective. The acting was solid, and some of the twists added to it as a whole. Unfortunately, the pacing was a bit off, which may have caused the questions to become holes, and the ending may have reached for too much. In the end, this attempt at a surrealistic thriller / horror flick was decent, but it lacks the strong storyline or originality to be anything truly memorable. If you catch it, it will help you pass time on a cold snowy night. 


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