Seance: The Summoning (2011)

I decided to get back into some horror today after taking somewhat of a break throughout the past week. Yes, there has been some, but it has been nowhere near my usual viewing structure. It is good though, sometimes you need to step back. To get back into the swing, I decided on Séance: The Summoning from 2011.

Plot/ Four friends decide to record themselves having a séance. When they summon a demon by mistake, they will have to find a way to drive the demon out before it destroys them all.

For many weeks, I passed this one up when I went to the local Family Video Store, and now I know why. While the premise seemed interesting, clichéd but interesting, I never expected it to be so incoherent. The scripting is all over the place with poor dialogue and the pacing is off, the acting is flat and unbelievable, and a lot of it does not add up. Honestly, it is really a challenge to watch and fully grasp. There is some atmosphere and some of it, especially at the beginning showed promise, but that was nowhere near enough to keep this afloat. In the end, it was another in a line of unmemorable horror flicks that have crossed my screen lately, and a flick that can be easily skipped. 


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