All Hope Lost (Poetry)

While I have started working on a script for a short film I am planning for the Operation Paul Revere contest,   I cannot help be see the similarities of the sheep that surround us and the zombies that are taking over pop culture. Ironically, I believe that curing both (sheep or zombies), will help our society crawl out of the depths of tyranny. Until then, here is a piece from my zombie project, one that talks about the results of an experimental vaccine. 

Another body falls
This strange infection continues to grow
Surrounding our every move
Look, in the corner
Such a ghastly sight
Those red eyes filled with sorrow
That festering decay of the green death
His body ravaged
How can he exist?
Who would want to live that way?
Stealthily, I maintain my distance
I will not fall prey to this vile demon
The rot will not overtake me

Turning the corner I see even more victims
Carousing throughout the corridor
The infestation searching for hosts like zombies for brains
Only a few of us remain strong on this funeral barge
Defying the poisonous torture
How much longer can we survive on this floating prison?
Our friends destroyed
Our search for the cure must continue
Another man falls
No one is safe
Our lives ruined
All hope lost!


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