Help Stop Chemtrails / HAARP - White House Petition

Everyone knows how much I have researched HAARP. HAARP is dangerous, it is a system that potentially could not only control weather, there is a possibility the the ELF Frequency can control minds. This system must be stopped. Today, while on twitter I was given a link to a White House petition pushing to stop Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Modification Programs. To me, this petition is a start, but it needs tremendous support, as the White House recently upped the number of required signatures before they will even look at it. Will this go anywhere, probably not, but it will tell the White House - We The People are watching them! 

The Immediate Stop of Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P, Weather Modification Programs!

The Use of Chemtrails and HAARP (High Altitude Aurora Research Program) Has Severely Changed our Climate causing massive hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. The Program was made to help benefit man kind and also salvage farmland during major droughts. Since the technology has been created it has done everything but its original intentions.

Chemtrails are being sprayed DAILY in our atmosphere containing aerosol toxins such as; Aluminum, Barium, Boron and Arsenic, a few Deadly toxins that were traced back to cloud seeding chemtrails. The Use of these Deadly toxins are terrible for our environment and also have very costly health problems to every human and animal on this planet. The Government has hidden these from the public and the people demand to know why and why it isnt stopped!


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