Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dissecting the Creature - The Wendigo

With winter being in full force and creature features everywhere, I figured I would come up with a look into this world. If I may, let me take you on a venture into the dark forest for an encounter so terrifying, your entire visage may change. For now, the wind is howling and the chills of the clear winter’s night are setting in. Outside, surveying your every move in to the taboo is the vile Wendigo, waiting patiently for you to partake in the pleasures of the flesh. A giant, with a heart of ice; stands menacingly before you. This creature is a malevolent spirit, a cannibal and a shape-shifter, all parts of a deformed skeleton waiting to engulf your life force, craving an opportunity to possess your existence.

From Algonquin mythology, this legendary tyrant was a picture of gluttony, greed, and excess; unable to quench their appetite with one bite, or body. They were constantly on a quest for new sinners, new victims that indulge in overwhelming greed or cannibalism. All the while, growing larger with every bite, every feast. Dining upon the flesh of the greedy that prevented their starvation, at times, even changing an unexpected victim into one of their own.

Moderation in life is the key to their defeat and the key to salvation Remember this when you are curled up on the couch and the delicious aroma of popcorn tantalize your senses. Is one bite enough? A Wendigo may be lurking in a dark corner to answer that question for you.

A great and classic tale of The Wendigo is available for a free download from Project Gutenberg. The Wendigo, published in 1910 and written by Algernon Blackwood is a ghostly wilderness tale that slowly builds in suspense. At only 28 pages as an E-Book, this is a perfect entryway into this famed creature.

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  1. Great idea. The Wendigo is fascinating but never gets enough press!