Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bridge - A Poem inspired by the Mothman

The following is a poem inspired by one of my favorite mysterious creatures, The Mothman:

The Bridge

Mysterious lines cross the sky
Did you see them?
He was there upon the bridge
Staring into the chasm before the despair
Alive again
Shaking the mortal landscape
Their foundations cracked

Apparent only to the blind
Did you see him?
His return prophesized in scripture
At least forty years have past since the last encounter
The signs were all around
A moth flew across the clouds weakening the rafters
Blinding the populace with dissent

At last, his message revealed
Did you hear him?
Mass destruction followed
The past rises from the ashes
With the meek again standing guard
More disasters abound
Two more if the legends are true

Those eyes burn with laughter
Did you see them?
The grand wings unfurled
His presence feared
The moth again takes flight
The locations planned
Devastation nears

Remember the point
His rise to immortality
Will this time end the same way?
Will the innocents’ death be in vain?
They bled for him
Their souls sacrificed for the good
Look at the bridge again
Do you see him?


  1. What about you? Can you see him?
    I like how you put so much into this short poem, makes a lot of sense.

  2. Cool poem. I don't know much about the mothman other than the 'Mothman Prohecies" movie. That was really creepy though, and your poem strikes a similar chord.